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Youth Education

Youth Education

At Temple Israel of Brevard, we are dedicated to the education of our children in our Beit Midrash, our House of Study. We teach classes in Hebrew, beginning with the alef-bet all the way through B Mitzvah. We also have age-appropriate Judaic studies to round out the education of the children. The goal of our religious school is to educate our children to be knowledgeable and observant young Jews who are committed to God, the Synagogue and the Jewish people.

Family services, on Friday nights, will be crucial to the learning process and it is hoped that families will take advantage of our Family Shabbat nights to learn and reinforce those lessons learned within the religious school walls. Students will help lead the services!

Hebrew and Judaic Studies meet on Sunday mornings from 9-11:30. Additional Hebrew programs may be offered as well.


Our Hebrew program is divided into 5 levels:

Alef (grades 3-4) Our beginning program where we teach the Alef-Bet.

Bet (grade 4) The level where the students begin to learn Hebrew prayers.

Modern Hebrew may be incorporated with vocabulary.

Gimel (grade 5) A continuation of learning Hebrew prayers.

Modern Hebrew will be used to aid in reading.

Dalet (grade 6) The foundation for the B Mitzvah year.

Students will learn to chant Torah and prayer.

Modern Hebrew will be used to aid in reading and expand vocabulary.

B Mitzvah (7th grade) Study as a class and private study with the Rabbi.

Grade levels are approximations. A student may enter any level at any time.

Judaic Studies

Our Judaic studies are divided by class according to grade in school: K-1, 2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7. Students learn the meaning of Tzedakah, Mitzvot, Holidays, Life Cycle events, Jewish History, Jewish Values, etc. There will be an assembly each Sunday where the students will learn the Motzi and kiddish. The rabbi or other individual will teach a song or provide a word for the students to learn each day. There will be opportunities to collaborate with Temple Beth Sholom for special programming as well.

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